Connect to Your Core

90 minute Energy Recalibration

A unique Nervous System Energy Work healing process!

When new life begins in a mother’s womb, the first parts of a fetus to develop are the spinal cord and brain. This (the central nervous system) becomes our inner core, the carrier of our consciousness, and the center around which we are created.

Stresses of life can form blockages and imbalances in the central nervous system, causing a sense of disconnection from who you truly are. This can lead you to feel confused, overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of sorts.

In this special session, I’ll begin by filling energy into your abdominal nerve matrix, a crucial reservoir for energy which feeds your whole nervous system.

Then, I’ll clear the energy in your brain and spinal cord to open the main circuit for nervous system energy in the body, the central nervous system.

This technique balances your autonomic nervous system, bringing you to a state of poise. The process also energetically clears and fills all chakras while additionally opening communication between the chakras.

You’ll end up with a clear path and free flow of energy through your central nervous system, allowing you to connect deep into the core of who you are as both a physical and spiritual being.

The overall experience:

• Increases your connection to yourself

• Creates a sense of groundedness

• Improves clarity (both mental and physical)

• Allows more access to your true feelings

• Fosters a much deeper, felt connection to your body

• Create a feeling of wholeness and lightness

If you’ve never received energy healing before, this is a perfect introductory session!

If you have had energy healing, this technique is something you’ve likely never experienced before. You’ll find it to be very powerful.

(Reg. price $160)

Autumn Special $111 through Oct 15th

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